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For Consumers

  • Learn about Online Behavioural Advertising: if you're an online user, you can find out more about online behavioural advertising (often referred to as interest-based advertising) and how it helps provide you with more relevant advertising on the websites you visit. You'll learn how online advertising supports free content such as News, Music and Games and provides you with free products and services such as Email, Search Engines, Social Networks & Online Storage.
  • Exercise Your Choice: become more familiar with the privacy settings on your computer.

For Companies Engaged in Online Behavioural Advertising

  • Learn about the Programme: and download the Best Practice Guidelines. To enhance the transparency of interest-based advertising, the Guidelines encourages companies qualifying as third parties under the Principles to inform consumers about their data practices through clear, meaningful and prominent notices. 
  • To become a particpating organisation please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.